David B. Black

David Black

David B. Black

Technology Partner


Internet and Consumer
Information Technology
Financial Services Technology
Healthcare Services


Benefitfocus, Inc.
Benefitfocus, Inc.
Candescent Health, Inc.
Castlight Health, Inc.
Deem, Inc.
Demand Media, Inc.
NowThis Media, Inc.
Rebel Mouse, Inc.
SmartDrive Systems, Inc.
Thrillist Media Group
YoYi Media
KAYAK Software Corporation
KAYAK Software Corporation
NetSpend Corporation
NetSpend Corporation
Sutherland Global Services, Inc.

David B. Black, Technology Partner, joined Oak in 1992 and became Technology Partner in 1999. He focuses on investments in all sectors that make substantial use of computer technology.

David’s current portfolio activity includes: Centric Software, FirstRain, Good Technology, MobiTV, Nexant, SmartDrive, Rearden Commerce, Keep Holdings, Demand Media, Federated Media, Milyoni, Sutherland Global Services, Thrillist Media Group, U.S. Auto Parts, YoYi Media, Radisphere National Radiology Group, Benefitfocus, Independent Living Systems, mlgpro, Castlight Health and XIO Storage.

David’s past portfolio activity includes: athenahealth, Argus Information Systems (acquired by Verisk), PayFlex (acquired by Aetna), Point Carbon (acquired by Thomson Reuters), TxVia (acquired by Google), iCrossing (acquired by Hearst), Talisma (acquired by Moxie Software), Allyes (acquired by Focus Media), Cobalt (acquired by ADP), Fastclick (acquired by ValueClick), aQuantive (acquired by Microsoft), Bleacher Report (acquired by Time Warner), Captura (acquired by Concur), Cobalt (acquired by ADP), Huffington Post (acquired by AOL), G-Market (acquired by E-Bay), CBord (acquired by Roper Industries), ILOG (acquired by IBM), Inktomi (acquired by Yahoo), Knowledge Networks (acquired by GfK), Pivotal, Primus, Digital Media Group (acquired by VisionChina), iCrossing (acquired by Hearst), Netspend.

Prior to joining Oak, David started programming computers while in high school and worked on projects including oil refinery output optimization and ARPA-net protocols prior to graduating with honors from Harvard College. Then he spent decades writing code for network protocols, compilers, composition systems, operating systems, DBMS internals and applications, large scale financial transaction processing, document processing and workflow, various hardware components and enterprise systems.