Brian Hinman

Brian Hinman

Brian Hinman

Venture Partner


Information Technology
Clean Energy


Mimosa Networks, Inc.
Phononic Devices, Inc.

Brian Hinman, Venture Partner, joined Oak in 2006. He currently focuses on investments in Information Technology and Clean Energy.

Brian cofounded four Oak-backed Information Technology companies, including PictureTel (formerly NASD: PCTL), Polycom (NASD: PLCM), 2Wire (acquired by Pace), and most recently Mimosa Networks, where he serves as CEO. Brian currently serves on the Boards of Aurora Algae and Phononic Devices. He previously served on the Boards of eSolar (partnership with GE), NanoH2O (acquired by LG Chem), Sundrop Fuels (partnership with Chesapeake Energy), and Qpixel (acquired by Quanta Computer). Brian was involved with the investments in Boston Power and SunSun Lighting, and continues to have an active interest in game changing Clean Energy technologies.

To catalyze entrepreneurship at his alma mater, Brian sponsors the Hinman CEO (Campus Entrepreneurship Opportunities) Program at the University of Maryland. He currently serves on the University of Maryland Energy Research Center Steering Committee. Brian holds a B.S.E.E. summa cum laude from the University of Maryland, an S.M.E.E. from M.I.T., and an honorary Sc.D. from R.I.T.